Sergio Gonzalez
Software Engineer - Full Stack Web Developer - Technology Enthusiast

About Me

Hi! I am Sergio. I currently live in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. I consider myself a Technology Enthusiast. I may not be Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, but everytime I talk, read, or listen about Web Development, Cloud Computing, Automation, or something like that, it gives me goosebumps.
Currently I work as a 'New Technologies Developer Engineer' at an important Internet Service Provider in Mexico. The position name is fancy, but basically I just help create and maintain scalable systems that supports the activities of other departments, or that directly gives some added value to our customers. I really love what I do and I think that the most satisfying part of software developing is when you see other people taking benefit or actually using what you have developed. That feeling is just priceless.

I think that there is time for everything, but time will never be enough. You don't need to divide yourself to cover all the aspects in your life. I tried that, it doesn't work. So instead of dividing and give 30% of yourself to your family, 30% to your beloved one, 30% to your work, 30% to your friends, and 30% to yourself and your mental fitness (It's even more than 100%! Impossible!), just bring 100% to everything you do!. Be the best with yourself (eat well, do exercise, have fun!), give ALL of yourself when you are with your family/couple/friends and give your best version at work. Stop giving pieces.
I consider myself a proactive person, a problem solver, a team player and I always have something unique to contribute in every project I am involved.
I like to play soccer, to do some lifts at the gym, to take a walk, to visit and spend some time with all my family, to go to the movie theatre, to read tech articles, to test new technologies, to have fun with my fiancee, to root and customize my Galaxy S7 Edge...

Some things I would like to learn for fun are: Android Development, Machine Learning, Container Deployment Automation with Kubernets/Helm, UX Design Patterns, Stock Exchange (At least Mexico's BMV), and maybe make my own fake cryptocurrency.

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  • 25
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  • Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin

    With Certificate ID: LFCS-1600-001263-0100

  • Started to work at Transtelco

    Working here has been the best education I've ever had, in all aspects, not only profesional.

  • International Business Model Competition

    Participated in the IBMC 2015 held at Provo, Utah, and hosted by the Brigham Young University.
    After winning 1st place in the BMC Mexico, represented my country and my university against startups from the best universities around the globe.

  • ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, CDJ)

    Graduated from Business and Information Technologies Engineering. Average Grade: 94 out of 100.
    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified by ITESM and Arizona State University.

  • Lean Startup Machine

    'Lean Startup Machine' entrepreneurship workshop winner, under the 'Entrepreneurship with Innovation International Congress' at Chihuahua, México.

  • EPCCJ (Juarez City Central High School)

    Physics and math specialty

My Job

My history in this position began a couple of years ago, when I signed as a Research and Development Engineer. At that time, I only knew basic HTML, CSS and JS, but Ricardo Roman, my former boss, knew that I was capable and put his trust in my dedication. After the first week, I learned basic Ruby and was familiar with an MVC framework like Rails. Everything was great, I was learning at my own pace, but then, after 4 months or so, my former boss resigned to take a good opportuniy outside the country.
Without an official position change, nor even a raise (understandable because I only had 4 months in the company), I suddenly had all my ex-boss responsibilities! I didn't give up and... At the cost of not spending time with my family (or myself!), sleepless nights, stress and unhealthy habits, I learned everything I know today.

As the Engineer responsible of the R&D Department I was directly under the supervision of the Director of Engineering, and I managed to go from 2 Engineers, to 3 Engineers and 2 Interns in the team. I learned that working with people can even be more difficult (and more important) than working with code. We organized an Annual RnD Presentation where all the company put their eyes in what we had done in a year. The executives realized that there was a great opportunity to automate our processess if they invested in their software teams. This is how the DevOps department was created: a fusion of the former RnD developers, the BSS developers, the IT Engineers, and some new members. With this movement, I now have another boss that I admire, a few raises, and lots of new challenges every day.

Some topics I am really involved into in my day-to-day basis are: Web Development (Using the Rails framework 90% of the times), Cloud Computing (Amazon and Google Cloud Platform), Systems Integrations, Database Management, Scripting, 3rd level Support for the NOC team, and Set Up and maintenance of lots of Linux Services!.

My Skills

0% = NOB, 100% = Expert/GURU.

Languages and DBs:
Other Languages/Notations
  • JSON
  • YAML
  • XML
Libraries, Frameworks, Platforms:
Ruby On Rails
90% | 4.2-5.1
Bootrap 3 and AlphaV4
Node JS
React JS
Google APIs (SA Key)
30% - Google Drive/Spreadsheets
Data Modeling
Business Logic
Linux in General
Linux Flavors
CentOS/RedHat, Debian Family: Debian, Ubuntu based distros.
Amazon AWS
VPC, EC2, RDS, ELB, IAM, AWS Organizations.
Google Cloud Platform
Compute Engine, SQL, Storage, VPC Network, APIs & Services, IAM.
KVM Server Virtualization
80% - Also used OpenNebula
Web Servers
NGINX, APACHE, Puma, Webrick, Express
BIND - Troubleshooting - DNSmadeeasy
Auth servers: LDAP, Radius
op5 Monitor, Nagios, Shinken + Graphite, Graylog, CACTI.
30% - Know the basics + Docker Swarm
30% - Automated some simple tasks
Software Engineering
  • Scrum Agile Development
  • XP
  • Lean kanban Software Development
Other Basic Stuff:
  • AJAX
  • Regular Expressions
  • Git: GitLab, Github, Bitbucket
  • JIRA Cloud Admin
  • Phabricator
  • Played with Chef
  • NTP Server
  • Google SMTP Relay Server
  • Wrike


Failure Resume

Failures are part of our life, and there is so much to learn from them. I will just explain a few because it is really embarrassing. I will list other epic fails and in case you want to know more about them, contact me :)

  1. I was involved in a natural oils startup. We actually won the Mexico's BMC and participated at the International Business Model Competition. Then lots of things happened in my life and I decided to quit from the startup. 'Helpo Aromatherapy' just appeared in the TV show 'Shark Tank Mexico'.
  2. I experimented with Bitcoin, but I left the boat before it sailed. You can click here to see the Bitcoin price yesterday:
  3. I decided to invest in a new car and put it to make some money with Uber. What can I say? Bad drivers, 1 accident and 2 thefts. After that, my business partner (that was managing the car and the drivers) just quit. Today I'm renting the car and I hope someday I may at least recover my investment.
  • I was overconfident and failed my first attempt of The Linux Foundation SysAdmin Certification test
  • I droped a database table because of a misunderstanding with the COO. It wasn't really my fault, but I should've waited for him to make a call... And I didn't...
  • I fired the wrong person.
  • I refused to eat until I fixed a bug... I realized that when you are hungry, you get angry and the code just can't flow out your mind.
  • I started to abuse from the cloud. My boss pointed out that we were expending too much in AWS and GCP.
  • I powered off a development server instead of rebooting it. I had to go to the data center at El Paso to turn it on again.

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